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        How could you Hermione? Malfoy?! The same boy whose been calling you a Mudblood all of these years? The same boy who stood there in the entrance hall of his manor and witnessed you endlessly getting tortured by his very own Aunt?
        I don’t expect you to understand Ron, I love him. He was just a kid merely pressured by his entire family to take the fall for something he never even started. A boy who was isolated to the point where the only way he could be noticed was to act out. He needed someone to be there for him, and we all abandoned him. He should’ve never been a lost cause. If you just took a second to realize that he’s human and he’s bound to make mistakes, you would understand my perspective on things.

"Why are you here? In the end, I will 
destroy you like everything else I’ve 
ever loved. I am a time bomb. Don’t you 
understand? I will ruin this.” 

“I am here because I am yours 
and I am yours because 
everything I am made of screams
for you.”

He paused:

“You have my heart.”

He said,

“And I don’t care what you 
do with it.
// Beau Taplin 

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